When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Women today have so many insecurities. They still feel like the awkward sixth grader they used to be and don’t see themselves as the gorgeous redhead that they really are.

Or there’s the mom who feels like she has lost herself in taking care of her kids and is terrified that if she focuses on herself, she will be neglecting them. Or just in general, they have forgotten who they really are now they they have kids.

The main problem is that women in general do not understand their true beauty. They are like, “The images you take of all these women are gorgeous, but you’ll never get that out of me.”

Guess what? We will!

Transform the way you see yourself!

You are beautiful. You are gorgeous.  You are smart, and sexy, and you need to understand this about yourself.

Let’s create an amazing portrait session that showcases who you are, your personality, and all the fun things about you.

You deserve this.  You are worth it!

Why should I do a portrait photo session?

Because you are worth it.  You are worth investing in, and you have a story to tell.

Some people want to document a specific milestone like their 30th or 40th birthday or beyond.

Some women want to understand who they are now that they have had kids.

Some want to document a specific time in their lives.

Some women do these sessions because they need personal branding photos to use on social media.

Honestly, you don’t really need a reason to come in.  Just a willing heart to be yourself.  We will take care of the rest.

Why do we love doing what we do?
What is included in a portrait session?

Come into our home studio in Kennesaw, Georgia (or other location) ready to experience your photo session.  We will greet you with a hug and welcome you with open arms.  

Throughout your session, we will encourage, uplift, and generally help you to understand your true beauty and your true worth and then show them to you through the use of photos.  

Come ready to laugh, to cry, and just to really open up and be yourself.  Because in the end, you are worth it!


Many people walk into our studio feeling a little nervous, not knowing exactly what to feel. 

They have past experiences of feeling like they are getting their school photos taken and the awkwardness that comes from that.  

I can tell you from experience that it will be the exact opposite when you come in.  

We want to help you see yourself as you truly are. 

Hear what others are saying...

Our Process

Personal Style

We work with you to put together the right hair, makeup, clothing, and accessories to reflect your style

Selecting a Location

Whether it’s in our home studio with perfect 3 point lighting or at a separate beautiful location, we help you determine the best choice for your photo shoot.

Choosing Your Photos

Once your session is done, head on into our office and choose exactly which photos that you want to purchase.  We like to take care of everything all at once so you get your photos quicker!

Our Photo Package

We custom tailor your session to your specific needs so that we can create the perfect image to tell your story.

Video Consultation

Meet with us via video chat to talk about what you want and need. If you decide to move forward, we work with you to plan out your session so we can get exactly what you want.  From clothing choices to location, we will guide you through your preparation.

Photo Session

Come to us for a 2-3 hour session in our home studio in Kennesaw, Georgia or on location elsewhere.  Prepare to leave empowered and ready to conquer the world!

Image Reveal

Right after your session is done, we will head over to the computer and pull up the images we created together and pick your favorite images right there!  We really love being able to see your reaction as you view your photos for the first time!  This is where you can decide what you would like to purchase!

How much does it cost?

We charge per photo that you want to keep instead of per hour.  We do ask for a deposit to secure your spot, but that deposit goes towards the final purchase of your images.

Images starting at $175 | Packages start at $990

Some people spend $300, some spend $3000.  There is no hard selling (we hate that!).  What you purchase is entirely up to you.  

Financing is available; just ask!

Are you ready to schedule a free video chat consultation?

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