(Finally) Love Your Business

Encourage, equip, and empower portrait photographers to transform their world

Picture this...

loving the clients you work with and the transformations to help them really see themselves for the first time.
having confidence in who you are and what you are putting out into the world
embracing the self-love and confidence in how you express your prices, share your boundaries, and speak your truth as you rise into being a powerful individual who is not afraid to charge what you’re worth.
think of you
working part-time and making 5 to 20 times more. (Yep! It’s possible with the right strategy.)
shining and speaking your truth in your messaging like a BOSS with no shame. You are free, liberated, and have total ownership of who you are and what you stand for.
feeling good about the fact you’re no longer caught up in the shoot and burn, but are serving your clients at a higher level than you ever thought possible.
dream about
enjoying a true sense of peace knowing how to make money from a place of deep receiving and service.
enjoying the life you’ve created for your family and yourself, so you can take time off whenever you want, spend time doing the things you love, create amazing images, buy the things you need, and (finally) get out of debt without feeling guilty or ashamed.

Clients today don’t want to know that you take pretty pictures, they want to know you.

Because you are unique.

Your message needs to shine through before they ever meet you.

They want to know the real you before they ever fill out your contact form.

Your message should convey trust.

At the same time, your messaging should be relevant and current.

You need to have a consistent presence.  One where clients can’t wait to hop on a zoom call with you and get to know you face to face. 

What you get:

Pins, Blogs, and All Things Organic: reaching clients where they are at instead of hoping that they stumble upon you at low to no cost strategies ($997 value)
Facebook and Google and All Things Paid: what is working and what is not ($997 value)
Packaging with Power: identify how to pack more into them at no cost to you that enhances their experience ($997 value)
Booked Out Boss: when you get them on the phone/zoom, how do you create that level of trust in you and your photography so that by the end of the call they are begging you to pay the session fee. ($997 value)
Profitable Packages: how we use same day reveals to make sure that the client leaves paying for a premium package before they leave and receive their images almost immediately: a win-win for both of you! ($997 value)
Automating All You Can: Less Stress, Less Mess, and A Beautifully Automated System. how to set it and forget it when going through your customer journey ($997 value)
Repurposing content: how to take the content that you created on one platform and spread it out across various social media platforms so that you are working smarter, not harder ($997 value)
The Proven Psychology of Passion-Fuled Photographers: Mindset Matters!
Low End vs High End Photography Experiences: Where do you fall on the spectrum?
Much more will be added over time!
Bonus #1
60 minute blueprint building call to get you set up for success right away
Bonus #2
weekly group LIVE coaching calls with hot seats to focus in on exactly where you’re at in your business right now
Bonus #3
Pre-written email workflow so all you have to do is get it set on automation
Bonus #4
The exact script that we use to book in nearly 90% of the clients we get in front of

Relationships are the key.

In order to give you the highest level of service, we are limiting the amount of recurring clients we will take on.

Because we are relational people, and relationships develop over time.

So will you dive in?

Hey there! This is Brian + Lindsey

Brian + Lindsey have been photographers since 2005.  While they started as wedding photographers at first, after about 10 years and 350 weddings, they started to get burned out.  They longed for more, which is when they started out doing women’s portraits for fun while they did the “real work” of weddings.  Eventually, they realized that the message behind women’s portraits resounds so much more with their core and where they are at, so after a TON of courses, research, and lots of starts and stops, they finally found the best way to host these transformational sessions.  


In 2015, they moved their whole family from Wisconsin to Atlanta in hopes of a better life and more willing prospects, but all they found was that they got lost in the sea of all the other photographers.  They quickly realized that there had to be a way to stand out amongst the crowd and really connect with the right women who really wanted what they had to offer.


90% conversation, 10% photos, they saw women change from the inside out and documented that whole process.  The result was an amazing transformation that you could literally see in the photos.  


In late 2020, they started coaching photographers 1:1 and then helped launch The Mastermind with Sarah Butler, which was a 12 month intensive aimed at helping photographers get leads, book them in, then raise their average sale.  Now, in 2022, they are venturing out on their own to really pour their own heart into photographers to really uplevel their business and help them to (Finally) Love their business.


Their aim is to help encourage, equip, and empower photographers throughout their whole business so that they can (finally) make the impact that they want to see in the lives of their clients, their families, and themselves.  Join them in their journey by joining their FREE facebook group at facebook.com/groups/thecowens

Sound like something you'd like?

Here's how it works!

Step 1: Contact us

Go to brianpluslindsey.com/chat to apply for a business blueprint call


Step 2: Business Blueprint Call

Let's talk face to face in the easiest way possible.


Step 3: Let's Get This Party Started!

If all goes well, we will invite you to be part of our group program. This is our favorite part!


Not every coach/mentor:

Is this you?

Are you in a place where you know something has to change, but you don’t know what?

Would having someone there to walk alongside you and bounce ideas off of help in your day to day running of your business?

Do you want a community around you who builds each other up instead of tears one another down, where you are free to express yourself in your language without fear of judgement?

Are you in a place of transition and ready to pivot?


Raise your average sale 

Sell without the fear of feeling salesy or sleazy

Book your clients in with grace and ease

Know your true value and your true worth

Transition into the next season of your business

Be encouraged, equipped, and empowered as you go to the next level in your business

I remember being at the end of 2019 looking at my goals list: 

2-3 ladies per week at a $1250 average sale

Make $10K months so that we can: 

Get out of debt, buy a house, have fun with our kids, and really just live life

But I sat there looking at that sheet and said, “But God, how do I do that?”

It seemed so far away to me.  

How was I going to get there?  Who would pay us that much for photos?

We’ve been there and that’s the number one reason why we know what it’s like to doubt yourself and not believe that you are worth it.

We are here to tell you that you are worth it!  You are worth getting paid an average of $1000, $1500, $2500, and beyond!

We have a step by step process where we take you through every area of your pricing, your consultations, and your sales to where your clients will be begging you to give you money!